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13 January 2021

Re-written website: Get YouTube Thumbnails

2 January 2021

New website: Find the nearest Tailwind Colour


1 October 2020

New website: First Draft – Don't let editing slow down your first draft

7 September 2020

New website: Coffee recipes app to learn Svelte

17 May 2020

Websites and allotments: why do I write code?

30 April 2020

New website: Hammer keys. Get trains.

18 April 2020

On the whataboutery around the Saudi takeover of Newcastle United

30 March 2020

New website: Save Your Indie High Street

24 March 2020

Development and Production favicons in Eleventy

15 February 2020

Bernie Sanders' healthcare plan isn't necessarily the best way to universal American healthcare


2 November 2019

Twitter's political ads ban has an accurate definition of political but campaign groups won't like it (eventually)

1 October 2019

New website: I made a test site to learn about fetching data from APIs and turning it into HTML using vanilla JS and accidentally made my main Hacker News reader

8 July 2019

Some of my Sacred Harp poster designs

4 May 2019

Rebuilt website: Durham Sacred Harp

4 May 2019

Replicating Jekyll's `markdownify` filter in Nunjucks with Eleventy

2 May 2019

New website: Newcastle Sacred Harp

26 April 2019

Publishing my Pocket reading list on this website

29 March 2019

New website: Turning off targeted ads


9 October 2018

Sacred Harp songs that are also HTTP Status Codes

8 October 2018

A dataset for Sacred Harp songs

26 August 2018

New website: Making it easy to get thumbnails of YouTube videos

6 July 2018

A better way of removing punctuation from a string in Python

10 June 2018

Football formations in Sacred Harp numbers

10 June 2018

Square numbers in Sacred Harp song numbers

4 May 2018

Winners and Losers in the City of Durham Parish Council Election

1 April 2018

When does Easter Sunday fall on April Fools' Day?

8 February 2018

Female Composers in the Sacred Harp

22 January 2018

New website: Durham Sacred Harp

2 January 2018

How often is 1st January a Monday?


16 August 2017

A simplistic post on remembering your country's history

10 July 2017

A simplistic post on quick trade agreements

18 June 2017

A simplistic post on Brexit utopianism

14 June 2017

A simplistic post on liberalism and Christianity