Very slightly smaller UK mountains


Tags: Learning Out Loud Geography

Earlier this week, I wrote about the UK Prominent Peaks database.

That database has all UK peaks that are at least 500m above sea level and have a prominence of at least 100m. See the post for an explanation of prominence but – long story short – the higher a mountain’s prominence, the more it stands out from the surrounding area.)

You’ve got to draw the line somewhere. But there are 427 peaks that are between 400-499m high and have a prominence of at least 100m.1 38 miss the cut by a height of 10m or less!

Extending the list to H400+ means areas including Manchester, Leeds-Bradford, Middlesbrough, Cornwall, Shetland, Orkney and Worcester-Gloucester have a high and prominent peak reasonably near to them.

So I’ve added the options of P100 / H400-H499 and P200 / H400-H499 to the map I made using the UK Prominent Peaks data.


  1. See the full “Database of British and Irish hills”