New website: Making it easy to get thumbnails of YouTube videos


Tags: New Website Python

I made a web app that makes it easy to download thumbnails for YouTube videos. It’s called Get YouTube Thumbnails.

Update 12 Jan 2021: This broke and I forgot how it worked so I couldn’t fix it. I’ve rebuilt it here:

When you submit a YouTube URL, you get back the image, a link to that image, and the original height and width of that image (even if it’s scaled down on your screen size).

You can also download the image with a YouTube play logo overlaid on the top.

This is useful when you want to link to a YouTube video and you can’t or don’t want to embed a video. This might be:

  • in emails
  • in presentation slides (PowerPoint etc)
  • in websites where you don’t want any Javascript
  • in websites where you want to minimise data transfers

Let me know if you find it useful!