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Against Hickelism

Rebutting Jason Hickel is an arduous and thankless task. A Hickel tweet can travel around the world and back again while a thorough, sober debunk of that tweet is still lacing up its boots.

Building a single-page application with Next.js and React Router

A previous version of this post contained a discussion regarding Vercel (the company that maintains Next.js), perverse incentives, the blurring of the static-dynamic dichotomy, and the future of the SPA paradigm. Those thoughts have been moved to a separate post here! Vercel, Next.

Replacing Create React App with the Next.js CLI

How dare you make a jab at Create React App!? Firstly, Create React App is good. But it's a very rigid CLI, primarily designed for projects that require very little to no configuration.

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Focus and relax.

Tailwind CSS & Svelte on Snowpack - Preprocess | The Mindless

Snowpack is a tool for building web applications with less tooling and 10x faster iteration. Tailwind CSS is a utility-first CSS…

Typescript in 50 lessons

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Make any YouTube embed click-to-load using uBlock Origin

Martin Brinkmann

Part of YouTube's success comes from the fact that it is easy to embed YouTube videos on third-party sites. Many website owners publish YouTube videos on the site itself but also on their own sites, and others may embed YouTube videos by other creators on

The Things I Add to Tailwind CSS Right Out of the Box

Greg Wolanski

In every project where I use Tailwind CSS, I end up adding something to it. Some of these things I add in every single project. I’ll share these with you, but I’m also curious what y’all are adding to your tailwind.css files. I’ll start with myself. In

Svelte and Spring Animations

Adam Rackis

Spring animations are a wonderful way to make UI interactions come to life. Rather than merely changing a property at a constant rate over a period of time, springs allow us to move things using spring physics, which gives the impression of a real thing

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