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Websites and allotments: why do I write code?

New website: Hammer keys. Get trains.

On the whataboutery around the Saudi takeover of Newcastle United

New website: Save Your Indie High Street

Development and Production favicons in Eleventy

Bernie Sanders' healthcare plan isn't necessarily the best way to universal American healthcare


Twitter's political ads ban has an accurate definition of political but campaign groups won't like it (eventually)

New website: I made a test site to learn about fetching data from APIs and turning it into HTML using vanilla JS and accidentally made my main Hacker News reader

Some of my Sacred Harp poster designs

Rebuilt website: Durham Sacred Harp

Replicating Jekyll's `markdownify` filter in Nunjucks with Eleventy

New website: Newcastle Sacred Harp

Publishing my Pocket reading list on this website

New website: Turning off targeted ads


Sacred Harp songs that are also HTTP Status Codes

A dataset for Sacred Harp songs

New website: Making it easy to get thumbnails of YouTube videos

A better way of removing punctuation from a string in Python

Square numbers in Sacred Harp song numbers

Football formations in Sacred Harp numbers

Winners and Losers in the City of Durham Parish Council Election

When does Easter Sunday fall on April Fools' Day?

Female Composers in the Sacred Harp

New website: Durham Sacred Harp

How often is 1st January a Monday?


A simplistic post on remembering your country's history

A simplistic post on quick trade agreements

A simplistic post on Brexit utopianism

A simplistic post on liberalism and Christianity